Hello and welcome to SlingShot!

SlingShot is a small and easy trading bot, designed to run 24h.
It has an easy and simple strategy: buy low, sell high.
Try it free for 14 days to see if it fits your needs and desires!

Support & help: Discord

Latest version: SL2019.zip
SHA256-CRC: Download

Successfully tested exchanges:

Binance, Crex24, Hitbtc, Poloniex
On other exchanges it could happen, that the initial buy will be done again and again.
Please try only 1 coin pair on them and only with the min. trade amount.
If an error occurs, please contact me on Discord and sent me the log files.

The bot was downloaded 28 times

will follow...

Some questions & answers:

Q: can i start the bot several times for different exchanges in one folder?
A: yes as every exchange has it own files and there are 2 ways to start:
    1. start the bot manually for every echange
    2. create copies of __Start-SL2019.cmd for every exchange and change the autostart parameter

Q: what is the content of the 3 files for an exchange?
A: the bot will create theses files automatically:
    _config.json: contains the configuration for an exchange
    _error.log: contains errors which may happen, f.e. network connections, insufficient funds
    _trades.log: the trading history

Q: i saw a licence check
A: the bot checks the licence on every start and every 1.000 rounds
    if the license is still valid, nothing happens and it continues after some seconds
    when the license has expired, the bot will stop working and show what to do

Q: which exchanges are supported?
A: check the file Exchanges.txt, which contains all supported exchanges
    there are also the IDs inside which the bot needs for 1st configuration, start trading & autostart

Q: i can't find a special exchange
A: if there enough user who wants to use the bot on that exchange, then please contact me on Discord

Q: i saw a message about canceling an order
A: if an order (buy or sell) was not completed, it will be canceled
    this should avoid open orders which maybe will never be filled

Q: i receive an error for a timestamp problem
A: this could happen, if the time of the computer is not synchronized
    open a CMD prompt with admin rights and enter the following:
    w32tm /Resync /nowait
    this should synchronize the clock and correct the timestamp problem
    sometimes the service for it is disabled and you need to change it:
    sc config W32Time start=auto

Q: i've got questions or problems
A: don't panic, join our Discord chat and you'll get help very soon

What will come next?

The old versions of SlingShot had some features that are still missing in the new one.
As this version is almost completely reprogramming i can not (and will not) just copy old code.
I will gradually check the old features and if they still make sense, i will add them.
Of course, i will also add new functions and suggestions are welcome.
The 1st goal is to make this version clean and stable before i add anything else.
The 2nd goal is to add missing and new functions.
The 3rd goal will then to add other trading strategies.

Please understand that this will take time.
Also i will not supplement certain functions if they are of no use to the majority.

Todos 1st goal:

Waiting for feedback of users...

Todos 2nd goal:

+ create config with separate parameter for each coin pair
+ menu for coin pairs:
    - add & change coin pairs
    - sell coins
+ menu for a simple statistic

Todos 3rd goal:


Version 2019.06.13:

- corrected error for KuCoin
- corrected error for Coinbase

Version 2019.06.11:

- corrected error in configuration menu

Version 2019.06.10:

- first public beta release

Version 2019.27.05:

- corrected error for HitBTC
- added bot version check

Version 2019.26.05:

- corrected error for Binance

Version 2019.25.05:

- first beta release

Last update: 23.06.2019

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